Maintain Cholesterol with Healthy Lifestyle Changes

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Unhealthy lifestyle caused many health issues, including cholesterol.

Balancing (1) HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) “the good cholesterol” level and the (2) LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) “the bad cholesterol” with (3) Total cholesterol levels between HDL and LDL is necessary for our health.

The easiest way to maintain a balanced cholesterol is by controlling our food. It’s not by eliminating foods that contain cholesterol. It’s by increasing the intake of food which can lowering cholesterol levels and avoiding the foods which can increasing cholesterol levels.

Rich cholesterol foods, especially the naturally rich cholesterol such as seafood are actually better than sausages. Liver and kidneys are better than liver pate. Eggs are better than butter. Why? Because the naturally rich cholesterol food are better than processed food which contains high cholesterol.

There are also high cholesterol foods to avoid and there are high cholesterol foods which is still possible to consume, because not all high cholesterol foods are bad. Some high cholesterol food actually can even increase HDL cholesterol levels.

The high cholesterol foods which responsible for weight gain and inflammation are the ones that should be avoided in our diet, the saturated fats.

Saturated fat raised LDL cholesterol levels, worse than eating foods that actually contain cholesterol.

Saturated fat is found in

~ Dairy products:
Butter, Margarine, Cheese, Chocolate (except Dark Chocolate), Full Cream Milk, (packaged) Yoghurt etc.

~ Processed meats:
Sausages, Salami, Bacon, Ham, Pate etc.

~ Processed vegetable oils contains trans fats and fatty acids which raises LDL cholesterol: Canola oil, Corn oil, Safflower oil, Soy oil and Vegetable oil.

~ Package foods:
Potato Chips, Crackers, Cookies, Biscuits and all kinds of snacking foods.

~ Baked foods which contain added sugars: Biscuits, Cookies, Cakes, Muffins, Pastries, Pies, also puddings.

~ Sweets products:
Candies, Chocolate (except Dark Chocolate), Toffee etc.

~ Refined carbohydrates in sweetened beverages:
Sodas (Cokes and everything else), (Packaged) Juices, Energy drinks and other sugary drinks including all packaged beverages (tea, coffee, soy milk etc.)

~ Alcohol

~ Cigarettes
Smoking lowers HDL cholesterol while raises LDL cholesterol.

Avoiding all of those high cholesterol foods alone will not necessarily eliminating our cholesterol problem. Lack of physical activity and lots of sitting also can lowering our HDL cholesterol. And there are also genetic factors which we can’t avoid in controlling our cholesterol levels.

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