Fat and Cholesterol We all know that fat is bad, but we’re not going to discuss about body fat as in overweight. Fat in our body is important as the source of energy to protect organs, produce hormones, support cell growth and absorbing vitamins. It’s a combination of different kind of fatty acids. There are fats produce by foods we eat which are also consider as “good” fat and “bad” fat which may affect the “good” HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) cholesterol and the “bad” LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins) cholesterol levels. The “good” unsaturated fat raises the “good” HDL cholesterol level and lowering the “bad” LDLRead More →

A hectic modern lifestyle gives many downside to our life, including to our health. Nobody makes their own bread and pasta or even just the tomato sauce is easier to grab from the shelves, they last longer too. Even small kids know that fruits and vegetables are good for our health. What they don’t know is because the naturally cholesterol free and low fat foods are the best source which we can find in fruits and vegetables. Recent studies revealed good news for us. We don’t have to strict our diets on fruits and vegetables only to be healthy. We can eat mostly everything, justRead More →

Unhealthy lifestyle caused many health issues, including cholesterol. Balancing (1) HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) “the good cholesterol” level and the (2) LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) “the bad cholesterol” with (3) Total cholesterol levels between HDL and LDL is necessary for our health. The easiest way to maintain a balanced cholesterol is by controlling our food. It’s not by eliminating foods that contain cholesterol. It’s by increasing the intake of food which can lowering cholesterol levels and avoiding the foods which can increasing cholesterol levels. Rich cholesterol foods, especially the naturally rich cholesterol such as seafood are actually better than sausages. Liver and kidneys are betterRead More →

The Silent Killer Cholesterol considered as a silent killer because it shows no obvious symptoms nor pain. Some may experience a stiff shoulders when the cholesterol levels increase, some feels sick and actually vomiting, but not everyone with cholesterol problem feels anything. Cholesterol is a vital element for maintaining good health and only becomes a problem when the level in our blood is too high. Controlled by the liver, it produces and dispose cholesterol through our blood. In fact 80% of cholesterol is produced by our liver and the 20% comes from our diet. Genetics also play an important role for our cholesterol level. WeRead More →

Positive and negative, yin with yang, good versus bad, male together with female, it takes two to Tango indeed. Cholesterol isn’t any different than many others. We’re all familiar with the term of the good cholesterol versus the bad cholesterol, but for some of us it’s not easy to understand even which one is which. The good type of cholesterol is HDL, stands for High Density Lipoproteins. Lipo means fat, so it’s pretty tricky for me as a non medical background person to get it right. For many years I personally always think that somehow the high density lipo(fat)proteins sounds dangerous and is the oneRead More →

Ah…….. cholesterol…….. we hear this C word all the time, which has been frightening us for nearly 50 years. The second scariest word after Cancer, Cholesterol as a matter of fact is a silent killer, so they say. What is Cholesterol? When we say “Cholesterol” actually we aren’t talking about the cholesterol itself. It’s about “Lipoprotein”, a water soluble particle in our blood which carries fats (lipo = fat), proteins and cholesterol (lipids). Lipoprotein is responsible for transporting cholesterol through our blood stream. The LDL, Low-Density Lipoproteins or “The Bad Cholesterol” contains a lower percentage of protein compared to a higher level of cholesterol. ViceRead More →